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An Overview Of Dentistry

Dentists are the medical professionals who specialize in the treatment, diagnosis, prevention and treatment of dental conditions and diseases of the jaw, teeth and oral cavity. The dentists work under the supervision of a registered dentist. The dentists possess extensive medical knowledge and are trained to perform various procedures involving the diagnosis and treatment of oral problems. The dentist provides diagnostic and preventive dental services. These services include prevention of tooth decay, dental implants and restoration of oral tissues.Learn more about us at  Kessler Dental Associates, Phoenixville

The professional qualifications of a dentist are obtained through a lengthy process. The dentist who receives the degree, together with his or her post-graduate diploma holds an expert status in their field. The dentists participating in a master’s program in dental hygiene will be expected to complete a one year internship program in an accredited dental office or other recognized medical facility.

Most dental offices have their own laboratory. The laboratory usually contains state-of-the-art equipment for performing scientific research on the structure and function of the teeth and the allied dental parts. The dentist maintains a library of material related to dentistry. Dental assistants usually help dentists in the performance of their daily tasks. Dental assistants can perform basic duties such as answering patients’ dental inquiries and preparing teeth and gums for cosmetic alteration or repair. The dental assistant expects to be promoted to dental hygienist once she or he has successfully completed a two-year course in dentistry.