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Choosing Attic Ceiling Insulation

There are a variety of different types of insulation that you can use for your attic, as well as a few types in this area that you should not use. Since heat increases, one of the most essential forms of insulation to instal in your home is attic ceiling insulation. You need to balance cost and performance in order to select the right form of insulation for this reason. Fiberglass or rock wool batts and blown insulation of different forms are the key options for attic ceiling insulation. Foam insulation should not be used in attics because it provides a barrier to moisture and because you want moisture to be able to leave your home, you do not want this in your attic. Click

Fiberglass bats are the most powerful form of attic ceiling insulation, but this is also one of the most costly choices. You can order this sort of insulation yourself and then instal it if you are handy, being careful not to block any vents and instal it tightly enough so that there are no holes but without compressing it. If you want to use your attic for storage and want to go in and out of the attic from time to time, this form of insulation is the safest.

Using blown insulation is a less costly but also less effective choice. This type of insulation should be installed professionally, but even then, it is often less costly (as well as much easier) than purchasing and installing fibreglass bats on your own. You must have a thicker layer of blown insulation to get the same effect as with fibreglass bats.