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Insurance is a form of financial loss protection; the coverage offered depends on the type of insurance policy one buys. Generally speaking, it is a form of risk management, primarily used to minimise the risk of a potential failure that is uncertain or contingent. Financial losses can be real or probable. If there is some loss, either in terms of cash or the consequences thereof, the amount equal to the face value of the policy will be billed to the insured, minus the premiums. There are several forms of insurance plans available and it can be very lengthy and complicated to provide a detailed list. Wilkinson Insurance is one of the authority sites on this topic.

Health Insurance offers health-related expense control, such as medical visits, hospital and medication costs, medications and medicines, etc. General Insurance is used to cover against damages due to such particular incidents, such as death, disability, divorce, termination of jobs, property damage, accident, etc. These incidents are considered unplanned and are the product of actions or failures outside the control of the insured individual. Examples of unplanned incidents include events such as natural calamities, terrorism, and injuries, and are protected by General Insurance.

For all the legal provisions of life, life insurance is required by statute. The policyholder is the one who has been insured and who becomes the receiver. In some situations, anyone other than the insured may be the beneficiary. The beneficiaries, however, are usually family members or associates of the insured. Personal Property Insurance is used to protect privately owned items and not traded assets.