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Fire Extinguishers and Their Different Uses

Knowing that not all fires are alike is an essential part of recognizing the various fire extinguisher forms. Each can come in a variety of sizes and colors and are made from different materials to reveal a particular type of fire. Do you want to learn more? Visit Francis Fire Protection Services Ltd.

In case of an emergency, using the right fire extinguisher would offer a much greater chance of success. Conversely, when used on the wrong type of fire the effectiveness of an extinguisher is dramatically reduced.

Five types of fire extinguisher are most widely used in the UK. These are the following: CO2, water, foam, dry powder and damp chemical. This is more than most people think and so each one has a color coded band, along with guidelines for best use, to help identify the correct extinguisher.

The most suitable CO2 extinguishers are to expose fires containing burning liquids or fuels. For example, that could involve oil or fats. The other major advantage of CO2 extinguishers is their protection when electrical fires are being put out. Being a gas, CO2 will not stay on the fire for long, so it is necessary to rectify the source of the fire before the extinguisher is used up.

The water variety is the sort of extinguisher most people imagine. These are placed to put out solid materials , such as wood and paper, that burning fires. Water is very efficient in rising fires by digging them out and cutting the supply of oxygen to the fire itself. Usually, these extinguishers are larger and heavier than the other variants, due to the amount of water needed to put a fire out.

The use of a foam extinguisher is quite wide and can be seen fighting electrical fires, as well as also burning solid and liquid ones. The foam has emitted blankets of flames and is giving it little chance to spread. However, the damage can be very severe, and for more advanced extinguishers, the foam extinguisher is often bypassed.

Dry powder fire extinguishers are useful for a variety of fires, and they are a reliable piece of equipment for anyone who first handles one. These types of extinguishers are lighter and better suited to small fire. When used, a powder is released, so if used in a small area, this can create some problems, such as difficulty breathing. Those can not even be used in small spaces. They are versatile, and can be great for a variety of fires.