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How To Throw An Axe- Details

There are two key approaches to throw an axe:

  1. One-handed over the back
  2. Double turned off your hands

Both styles are both popular and easy to make.

Depending on the wood used in the goal you can need more strength if it is not strong enough.

If you find that a one-handed throw causes your axes to drop consistently on the floor, try switching to the two-hand method to generate more power.I strongly suggest you to visit  Twisted Axes Throw House to learn more about this.

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You grip with both hands for the two-handed method, bringing the axe straight back over your head as if you were throwing a soccer ball, pulling the axe forward and releasing when your hands align with where you are trying to throw.

We must continue by enabling the axe to drop down next to our leg for the one-handed toss, then use the spinning momentum to pick it back again past the ear of our throwing side.

The next step is to go straight on at the target and release again if your arm is parallel to the ground.

Poor Axe Throwing has a great page describing in detail how to throw an axe for a clearer visual image of what happens during each of these throws.

Tip: You do not want to add some wrist motion or try to direct the throw with your fingertips as you remove the axe on all methods. Just release your grip, and let the momentum of the axe carry it forward.

A video has also been produced by the World Axe Throwing League that shows you how to throw like a pro.