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Immigration Bail Bond Facts You Will Benefit From Knowing

On immigration problems, the US law and constitution are very strict. If the citizenship status fails or you break legal boundaries in order to remain a resident of the United States, detention and indictment will follow. You could be arrested and held in detention by the Immigration and Customs Compliance division of the Department of Homeland Security. You should apply for an immigration bail bond in this case, understanding how to bail someone out of jail with no money.

Immigration Bail Bond Basics

The immigration bond is a legal choice for releasing a person for immigration detention in custody. In these cases, approved bond companies typically do the appropriate things to free an accused. You need to recognise the dismissal of the charges does not lead to securing bail. To gain citizenship status in the USA, you also need to resort to legal means. Under certain provisions, it lets you walk out of the gaol while the case is in progress. You have to appear for court hearings after getting released in this process and report to the immigration officials when appropriate.

Eligibility for bonds under Deportation Bail

After depositing security money, not everyone accused of immigration charges can apply for release as per US law. There are several requirements that preclude the issuance of an applicant’s immigration bail bond.

You will not obtain a bail bond for immigration fines if you have already issued a deportation order.

If you have criminal records, such as serving felony gaol sentences, you might be considered ineligible for this.

Via security deposits post arrest, persons deemed dangerous to the community and national security may be refused release.

Two Immigration Bond Forms

As it is, individuals trapped by the ICE for immigration payments may opt for one of two methods: Voluntary Departure Bond and Delivery Bond.

A individual who is accused of being an illegal immigrant and under ICE custody may use the Delivery Bond. It is issued on the condition that at all immigration hearings the person will turn up. You ought to provide notice of the terms of custody and an arrest warrant to apply for it.

The Voluntary departure bond requires the detainee to leave the country within a time period at personal cost. Post departure, the departure bond to be paid to the ICE is refundable. The cash will, however, be forfeited if the detainee does not leave.

Cost of Bail Bonds on Immigration

Either an immigration judge or the ICE will set the number. Factors such as the detainee’s immigration status, his or her criminal background, job status, may result in an increase or decrease in the number. The sum will shoot up to $10,000 if the judge feels releasing you on bail will be dangerous. The minimum amount for a delivery bond is $1,500 and, in general, $500 for a departure bond.