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More About SalemNDT Testing Systems

Non Destructive Testing is a broad category of inspection techniques utilized in many scientific and technology industries to test the properties of an object, component or machine without causing physical damage to it. It is one of the most important categories of inspection methodology employed for quality assurance and inspection purposes in all types of industries including electronics, energy, chemical processing, civil engineering, military, transportation, aerospace, fixed appliance and others. While non Destructive Testing has gained immense importance since the Second World War, its basic principle has been in existence since the beginnings of civilization itself. This technique has been used for thousands of years and remains as a fundamental technique in various fields including marine engineering, automotive, electronic, civil and structural, marine and others. For the modern day user, this technique is typically used for quality assurance and inspection of the different types of materials employed in a manufacturing process. Learn more about non destructive testing | SalemNDT testing systems

NDT was basically brought into use during World War II for the purpose of testing the durability of metals and military equipment. With the advent of technology, it has found application in various areas including electronics, electronic, aerospace and others. In the electronics area, non Destructive Testing can be used for the inspection and testing of components such as microprocessors, integrated circuits, processors, storage batteries and other electronic devices. There are also companies that specialize in the construction of space shuttles, missiles and space flight instruments for the purpose of Nondestructive Testing. In the aerospace area, the techniques used for Nondestructive Testing includes Magnetic Particle Inspection, Ion Scattering experiments and Heat Flow Measurement.

In the civil and structural engineering area, the main types of Nondestructive Testing commonly used include Stress Folding, Ultrasonic Testing, Dynamic Folding and Magnetic Flux Leakage. Magnetic Flux Leakage is another type of inspection technique that is used for the inspection of welded joints and pipelines where the metallic part to be tested usually has a lower temperature than the surrounding area. The two types of Non Destructive Testing are generally used together for the purpose of strengthening the joints and pipelines. The testing of structures and components is an integral part of any industrial process and hence it is important that quality NDT tools are used for the purpose of inspection.