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Stimulating Penis Performance Through Watching Porn With a Partner

Penis stimulation comes about in a number of ways, and is a vital ingredient in preserving good penile health. To many people, one of their favorite methods of obtaining penile gratification is to look at some kind of porn. Adult entertainment is often a device for masturbatory acts, but many people will enjoy incorporating a small amount of adult entertainment to the mix with their sexual partners. The problem is that many people believe, and maybe with reason, that they will be looked down on by the woman (or women) in their lives to watch pornographic films, never mind asking them to become involved. Yet adding adult entertainment will add a little extra spice for those with a supportive partner to their sex lives. Have a look at Young-Devotion Pornos.

Review situation.

Although the common opinion is that adult entertainment offends women mortally, that obviously isn’t true for all genders. As many as 1 out of 3 visitors to adult websites are women according to Brigham Young University statistics. So it’s likely that a lady may be more “into” the exotic viewing concept than she lets on.

When a woman has spoken specifically stating that she feels that adult entertainment is unworthy of respect and consideration, it is probably a good idea to steer clear of asking. Even if she hasn’t made clear her feelings, a man will look for hints on her feelings. In a best-case scenario, he should go ahead and make known his own positive experiences with adult entertainment, and ask her how she feels-but he should also understand that in some cases this openness will lead to a difficult time in the relationship or an end.

The tastes are decided.

When a woman has an interest in adult entertainment then a man can figure out where they share their interests and experiences. If she’s only done tiny forays into the adult entertainment realm and he’s a connoisseur, it might be wise not to leap into any of the heavier duty or uncommon viewing experiences. Also, a man should figure out if films / videos, still photographs or erotic literature are preferred. When all of this has been created, man and woman will move on.

Start slowly, then experiment later.

Many couples may wish to begin gradually. They may, for example, put in a DVD or pull up a computer video, lie in each other’s arms and just engage in mutual masturbation as they watch the actors ‘on-screen antics.

It’s important to pay attention to how the woman responds. A man should then determine if a little dirty talk is acceptable, and if so what kind: should it concentrate on commentary on what’s happening on the screen or should it be more intimate, comparing (favourably, of course) the qualities of your girlfriend to those of the sex kitten onscreen?

Some couples enjoy using adult entertainment exclusively for sessions of mutual masturbation, while others like using it as a foreplay, leading to oral sex or intercourse. Adult entertainment can be an ideal way for those who venture beyond masturbation to incorporate new roles into their sex lives by copying what they see on-screen.

Be nice.

The man should make sure to be attentive to his partner after the sexual interlude is over; although discussing the adult entertainment is acceptable, it should also be in the light of how it helps him appreciate his real life partner.