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Jensen Family Law

An Introduction Of Jensen Family Law – Mesa

Family law is a field of the law which mainly deals with domestic concerns and family related issues. It deals with all aspects of family-related matters like marriage, birth, adoption, division of properties accumulated during the course of marriage, divorce, adjudication of disputes, division of children, termination of marriages and several other family related matters. It is a specialized field of law which requires expertise and experience in different fields of family-related affairs. Do you want to learn more? Visit Jensen Family Law – Mesa.

One of the most important factors in family law is the division of property accumulated during the course of marriage. The court usually awards certain property to the husband and certain to the wife as a form of compensation for the loss incurred during the course of marriage. Some of the common properties awarded are the house, car, shares in business, etc. When there is a division of property, one of the two parties to a divorce is granted custody over the child or children depending on the age, nature and wishes of the child. Custody can be awarded upon divorce, separation or annulment of marriage.

Apart from these common possessions, a person can also be awarded custody of any criminal matters like assault, burglary, drug/alcohol addiction, sexual abuse, etc. This also depends upon the nature and age of the person concerned. If there is any dispute over the ownership of a particular asset, it is the duty of the family law courts to decide on these matters in a just manner. They can grant custody to either the mother or the father depending upon the status of the latter. This legal practice area has many other concerns such as divorce, making plans for post-divorce future, legal protection of interests of minor children, guardianship, legal practice area over trusts, alimony, spousal support, child custody and support, termination of marriage, etc.