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organic laser teeth whitening

The Upside Of Organic laser teeth whitening

Laser whitening for teeth have several advantages over home whitening kits. For one, you get faster results after one or two visits to the dentist, depending on the severity of your teeth stains.

One Day Teeth Whitening Solution

Rich man, poor man, everybody craves that glamorous Hollywood smile – white gleaming teeth that adds a youthful sparkle to a smile. Fact is, despite the recession, there is a resounding boom in the teeth whitening industry. Home whitening kits are selling like hotcakes because these are cheaper than the sessions at the dentist’s office. But not all home teeth whitening kits are effective.Get additional information at organic laser teeth whitening.

A laser teeth whitening session at a cosmetic dental clinic offers the best and quick teeth whitening solution. After an hour or more, you walk out of the dentist’s office with a nice bright smile. That is how immediate the results are. With home teeth whitening kits, you might end up with white teeth – in varying shades of white. Not a pretty picture after slaving over the bleaching procedure for three to four weeks.

At the dentist’s office, you recline on the dentist’s chair and let the dentist do the job of cleaning your teeth and checking the condition of your gums before the laser teeth whitener procedure. When done, a strong whitening gel is applied to the teeth surface. The laser light treatment is applied on the gel to help it penetrate through the enamel of the teeth. This is done in hour and voila, you have the great American smile.

More Reasons to Go for a Laser Session

The price for a laser treatment varies according to the degree of whitening desired and the depth of the stains. Teeth stains vary and are caused by aging and smoking, and some teeth staining food. More work is needed for deeper stains hence the laser teeth whitener will cost more. But the price is worth the clean white smile.

Home tooth whitening kits are not advised for people with sensitive teeth. A dental laser whitening treatment can be used successfully on sensitive teeth. Another issue with over-the-counter home tooth whitening remedies, instructions has to be followed carefully to prevent any problem cropping up. You have to assess the condition of your gums and teeth before the treatment and you might err here.

Tooth whitening home treatments are not harmful when used strictly as directed. However, the product cannot be continuously used beyond 14 days. Unlike the single laser whitening treatment session, you will need several visits to a dental professional to supervise your DIY tooth whitening treatment. There is the danger that over the counter tooth whitening products might have higher concentrates of bleach, which can ruin your gums.

There are teeth whitening services offered outside the dental clinic and the people providing the teeth whitening treatment are unlicensed for the job. Don’t risk your teeth to beauty salon consultants. Play it safe; have your teeth done by a licensed dental professional certified to do laser treatments for teeth whitening and book and appointment with a cosmetic dental professional for your laser teeth whitening.