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A Note on Wandsworth Cheap Self Storage

If there is one thing that is for certain in the world of self storage, it is that self storage managers will be faced with many responsibilities each and every day and this is where self storage software can come in handy. Self storage software enables a manager to better handle all the various duties that are expected and required of them in order to run a successful self storage facility. Learn more about this at Wandsworth Cheap Self Storage.

The use of self storage software had been steadily gaining popularity over the past few years and the advancements in software technology are coming along to great degrees as well. It makes perfect sense when you think about it; software helps make almost any job easier, so why not self storage management?Wandsworth Cheap Self Storage

When utilizing this software, a manager is so much better equipped to take on the challenges that will arise with self storage management. Some of the many items that self storage software can help with include:

• Available Units: In the days before self storage management, most self storage managers had to rely on good old pen and paper to tell them what was and wasn’t available to rent out. This method, while still used by some today, led to mistakes being made and units being promised that couldn’t be delivered. With the advent of self storage software, everything is integrated into a computer system and the self storage manager can find out how many units are available with a click, or two, of a mouse button.

• Payment Processing: Instead of only taking cash and checks and again relying on pen and paper to record all of the transactions, most self storage unit facilities now take credit and debit card payments. This is thanks, in large part, to self storage software. The software will also usually allow for customers to make payments online, which is a big help if a tenant doesn’t live close to where they rent a storage unit. However payment is made, the self storage software helps accept it and helps the self storage manager credit it so that nobody is accidentally double-billed.

• Payment Tracking: Along with marking payments that have been made, this software also tracks who hasn’t made a payment. Generally, a self storage manager can set alerts at certain time intervals that will let them know that a tenant is getting close to payment and then set others that let them know when that same tenant is overdue. This helps the self storage manger keep a better eye on the financial end of the business, which is sure to make their boss happy.

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