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7 Helpful Tips To Maintain Your Washing Machine

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And let’s face it, getting a little more value out from using your washing machine helps. Here are 7 easy tips for you when it comes to a more efficient usage of your washer. Hope you find it useful.

Tip 1 – Wash your laundry once a week.

Saving up your laundry until end of the week or till you got a full load is a good way to manage your washing machine resources. Although you use less energy and water when you have lesser load, the savings you can gained is not as much compared to maximizing the full load of the washing machine.

Tip 2 – Pre-soak dirty clothes first

Soaking your clothes is a good practice to reduce the need for heavier dosage of detergents. This allows a cleaner washing and helps to save costs further.

Tip 3 – Lower washing machine temperature

Washing machine uses heat and the higher the heat generated, the more electricity it consumes. A temperature ranging from 40°C to 42°C is suitable for most of our clothings. Unless you have very dirty clothes, you will unlikely need to turn up higher spin and temperature for your washer.

Tip 4 – Re-cycle water

Besides electricity, the next resource that a washing machine consumes a lot is water. You can re- use water from the outflow of the washing machine for other purposes if you want to.

Tip 5 – Maintain washing machine in good order

A washing machine can last for easily ten years if you take good care of it. And if you want your washer to work to its maximum, you need to take good care of it. Do not overload the washer.

Tip 6 – Follow the manual

All the washing machines come with a manual from the manufacturer stating the water as well as detergent use. Always adhere to the recommended usage level from the manufacturer and you will not go wrong.

Tip 7 – Dry clothes naturally

Do you use a washer cum dryer combo? On average, such a washing machine consumes more energy and it also took longer to wash the clothes. If possible, try to dry your clothing using the natural wind or air.