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These rules are not approved in California and medical marijuana is not legalized. Instead, the limited powers of California are exercised in order not to prosecute such drug crimes. People are wondering since introducing these laws if they have any legal ways to govern these collaborations, dispensaries and collectives. The response to their questions is that the collectives and cooperatives should be controlled because they act as a resource for caregivers and patients. In order to govern, cooperatives must be formed by filing articles with the state and marijuana production is permitted by collectives, but procurement from other vendors is not allowed. Dispensaries are, however, made completely illegal. But a very comprehensive study is required to govern dispensaries, cooperatives and collectives. Have a look at CBD Oil for more info on this.

Only guidelines from physicians to use long beach medical marijuana are obtained by the organizations. They do not even collect prescriptions, but they are known as patient caregivers. Although doctors and patients have confidentiality under the law, it is not clear what kind of confidentiality caregivers have under the law itself. So if the patients are manipulating the system, it will be very hard to assess. District Attorney Steve Cooley also claimed at a conference that dispensaries are illegal and should be prosecuted. They should not be controlled by Long Beach. Sales have been made illegal throughout the world. The committee was thus unable to arrive at a solution.

The Health Department will investigate numerous problems, such as cannabis dispensaries that sell marijuana filled food. Other problems involved controlling the running of adult companies and liquor stores. Many regulations were placed on them, such as when and in what areas they should open. But, for some of the committee members, restricting the location created a problem. They thought that the organizations that are actually helping people will create a negative connotation toward these organizations by restricting locations.