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Choose an International School For a Good Start Towards Your Child Bright Future

Being a parent is a tough job as you need to look after your child and especially if you are planning to get his / her admission done in playschool. There are many playschools that you can choose for your child, but if you are looking for one where your child will get separate attention then Thakur international school can be your option. This school is listed among best playgroup as they have best infrastructure and well trained staff members who will polish your kiddo and make them ready for their future. TIS is especially known for its world class education facilities that no other schoolmay have. Have a look at 7 Reasons Why Kids Don’t Like School – Working Mom Blog | Outside the Box Mom for more info on this.

Since, playgroup is the basic and first step of any toddler so it is important that proper attention should be paid towards each of them and they should be guided by an experienced teacher. So, with TIS you need not have to worry about this anymore as like any other school this institution is also having well qualified and trained teachers. This is one of the few things that make Thakur international school best playgroup in Kandivali west.

Bright and colorful classrooms Kids love colorful and bright things as they are attractive and eye catching. So, keeping this in mind TIS playschool is decorated with bright and sparkling colors that will bring a big smile on your child face and instead of crying they will happily go to school. The classroom is quite spacious and well equipped with teaching material that will help your child in learning new things easily. Along with this, proper hygiene is maintained in the classroom by keeping the surrounding neat and clean.

Effective teaching material So that toddlers can understand their lesson easily proper and effective teaching material has been provided by school to all the teachers. With support of teaching material, teachers may allow their students learn new skills without any question. There are many items that areused by TIS teachers such as maps, tiles, puzzles, alphabets, number and many more. Teachers agree that it will aid in physical, emotional and social growth of your infant.

Get your kid’s report every day There are so many schools you can go with but you’ll have peace of mind with the Thakur International School. You can order your child’s daily report and teachers are always willing to serve the parents. In reality, you can even express your kid’s problems and try their best to help you. Since then, teachers will help direct parents by years of experience.