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Exploring the World of the iPhone 4

The iPhone 4, the fourth in the iPhone generation, is a touchscreen smartphone developed by Apple. The I prefix is no longer officially synonymous with something, but is the Apple brand label for all its products (like the ipad, iPod, iTunes, etc.). As a cell phone combined with a handheld computer, a smartphone can be better represented. They run full software for the operating system that allows the user to install more sophisticated programs and run them. Every day, the list of iPhone applications gets longer (over 350 000), and these days you can find an app to do virtually something. With a few apps already loaded, the phone comes out, but you can easily download more from Apple’s App Store. Many of these apps are free, and many are not, so just double-check to prevent unnecessary costs before you download.

The touchscreen feature is one that has recently become more popular in gadgets, and is also available, to name just a few, on some Nokia, LG, and HTC mobile phones. You simply tap the screen to control the computer instead of pressing or clicking buttons. Without impairing the usability and usefulness of the handset, the touchscreen ensures that the phone will have the least number of external buttons. It also means that a larger screen will be required for the handset. There is just one button on the front of the iPhone 4, and four buttons on the side. It might feel a little different and complicated when using a touchscreen phone for the first time, but many of the traditional cell phones we’ve grown accustomed to are actually a lot more logical and user-friendly. The trick to getting used to it is straightforward: don’t be scared! Touch and, as much as possible, drag and point. If you crack it by touching it, to begin with, it’s broken. And most of the time, before you uninstall it, the phone will request clarification, so you’re very secure. The glass is coated with a special fingerprint-resistant coating on both the front and back faces of the handset, so you won’t leave too many finger prints unless you operate your phone with grim and greasy fingers. The coating also helps to glide over the glass with your finger, making it easier to work with.

There are several cool features on the iPhone 4, such as FaceTime, Retina Display, Multitasking, HD Video Recording and Editing, and a 5-Megapixel LED flash camera. Here is what they’re doing.