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Fishing Reels Details

Fishing reels are used to retrieve fish from water. Fishing reels can be very handy to have, because it saves time spent twiddling with a stick while you struggle with a fishing reel. A fishing reel is a small cylindrical apparatus attached to your fishing rod usually with a bail, with one or more gears fixed on the outside and a handle. The reel spool usually has teeth on the outside that grind the line as you wind the line in so you do not have to struggle to wind the line in and release the fishing line when you want to cast your line. Learn more about Fishing Reels.

Small crank fishing reels are made of plastic and resemble the tiny jig heads used by anglers for bobber fishing, these are not suitable for long term use due to the small diameter of the spool and lack of large teeth on the outside of the spool. Spinning reels are much bigger and usually have large serrated teeth to aid in turning the line. Spinning alvey reels are still popular amongst anglers, but many larger spinning reels now come in both wet and dry models.

The fishing reels need to fit your rod properly, as if it is not the right size for your rod there will be less power and control, and you may not be able to get the best shot at casting. Many anglers also like to use dual action rods, this means that the rod has a locking mechanism on the handle, so when you put the rod away and then snap the handle back the rod starts locking again so you can be sure of a secure hold. Some anglers also like to use guide rods for large fish, these have a metal guide pole that runs up the fishing rod and down the rod’s length. With this guide the rod does not lock when you put the handle down and gives you more casting power and helps to cast the fish further. There is much more information on the different types of fishing reels available on the internet.