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Paver Driveways – Info

We make one big change to our home each year that will enhance its beauty or increase our maintenance time. We ‘re always looking for things that will boost our home’s re-sale value when that time comes. Eco-friendly considerations for our neighborhood and our town are balanced with more LA Paver and Remodeling Group 

Our driveway is the project under way. We already have asphalt ruled out and concrete poured. Both have the potential to crack and provide a negative eye-appeal and potential hazard to trip. These are not the safest systems which are eco-friendly. Strong surfaces let the rain water flow down the streets and sewers carrying leaves and other debris.
We found that permeable pavers is best for us, after some testing. Such pavers come in various shapes, textures, sizes and colours. Permeable does mean liquids can pass through it. The ground under the road would trap our rainwater, with little runoff water rushing down the street until it polluted local streams, rivers and lakes.
Pavers offer a visual appeal by colour, shape of the paver and height. Color will suit the pavers to your house. It can be produced with the aid of a professional landscape mason template to add more visual appeal.
Pavers are dense and offer lasting results. They can withstand pressure of 8,000 pounds per square inch which is far greater than concrete. They have surface that is non-skip, non-slide.
The pavers have a flat surface and do not harm snow falls, blowers or shovels. Pressure washing may include during summer maintenance. The paver may be pulled up if broken or stained, and quickly replaced with a new paver. Pavers may be washed down with water to preserve their good appearance. Any broken or damaged paver can be pulled up quickly and replaced with a new one
Paver Forms and Prices
Brick Pavers offer a variety of styles for your driveway in color and pattern. These are highly robust and have the potential to last a lifetime. Their cost per square foot is generally $5 to $15 with $10.50 to $20 for installation.
Natural Stone pavers are quarried stone that is cut to the correct size. Such pavers are typically placed end to end, which takes more time to work. No maintenance is required and the stone pavers will last a lifetime. Many stone pavers can cost $10.00 on a foundation per square foot. If you choose uncommon or unusual stones, the cost may be as high as $30 per square foot.