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Present Your Car Accident Case With a Good Personal Injury Attorney

More legal action results from car collisions than from any other single cause. Notify the insurance provider immediately if you are interested in one. If you are sued, the business can manage any lawsuit against you, have an insurance defence counsel, and pay any judgement. If the verdict exceeds your insurance policy, then you are responsible for the balance. You are expected to comply in the defence of the case with the insurance provider.Learn more about us at Stroleny Law, P.A.

You may want to make a claim for personal injury or property damage if you are injured. Write to the other car’s driver’s owner, saying you’re making a claim, and ask him to turn it over to his insurance firm, which would definitely contact you. Don’t give any written statements about the accident to the opposing insurance company; it could be used against you. In this matter, the first person you need to contact is the personal injury lawyer.

Possibly a lawyer can get more from the insurance firm than you can, but he’ll be taking part for his fee. Most cases of an accident are based on a contingent charge. If you lose, the lawyer gets nothing, but if you win, he gets an amount, which can range from a third to a fourth. In a small case it would also have to do as much paperwork as a big one. If the percentage seems to be too high, you can try to settle the claim yourself but if appropriate, you should call a lawyer.

You are entitled to be compensated for real damages, such as missed income, maintenance costs and (even if compensated by insurance) medical expenses. They are referred to as special damages. If questions are posed as to who was at fault in the accident, the payment could be less. It would be even harder if there are lasting injuries, as potential losses, expenses and pain and discomfort must be taken into account. An attorney will point these injuries and damages to you instantly and advise you about what you can do with them.

It would be best for you to seek advice from an experienced insurance defence attorney on all these matters. You can’t put your insurance policy in jeopardy and a decent lawyer will make sure you get safe and sound through this tight situation. As far as your case is concerned, an experienced lawyer will know all the ups and downs and provide you with good legal advice on the issue.