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First Home Buyer’s Guide

Buying a first home is one of the most exciting happenings in the life of an person. It can be among the most daunting, too. Here is a quick guide for the first home buyer, offering eight steps towards your part in owning a piece of the American dream.Do you want to learn more? Visit Element Homebuyers

Choose a real estate agent who is experienced in leading home buyers for the first time. This may be against conventional wisdom, but working with a real estate agent who regularly deals with first time home buyers is wise. Their expertise and experience helps them to provide guidance on handling the entire procurement process.

Inform yourself how much you can afford. You can get a rough idea of your price range from online calculators, but it also helps to get an official estimate. Make an appointment with a bank or mortgage broker, to get pre-qualified.

Get informed about your area’s homebuying programmes. Each state offers an array of first-time home buyers assistance programs in your area. Buyer services are very different from state to state. The right real estate agent will be a huge aid in finding out whether you are getting a home buyer plan.

Go shopping loan. Speak to various borrowers, compare interest rates which often include the costs of receiving a loan.

Go hunting on house. Your real estate agent will be glad to help! He or she will guide you to houses within your price range. If you’ve selected a real estate agent familiar with the numerous first-time home buyer programs in your state, you ‘re only going to be led to homes that meet the criteria you need.

Make a bid. It’s time to negotiate, after you’ve found a home and are qualified for a loan! Make the bid, counter if appropriate, and realize how close to owning your first house.

Gain inspection and compensation. The last moves before closure are to get a home inspection and buy homeowners’ insurance.

Sign the papers. Closing a home is when you and the seller sign seemingly endless papers leading to your ultimate objective-to be a homeowner. If it is the first time you do-congratulations!