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The Most Overlooked Fact About Power Mechanical

A chiller is a piece of HVAC equipment used to make things cool. While there are a variety of chillers, including air-cooled chillers, the term is typically used to refer to a device that chills fluids, such as water. That type of device is constructed with a compressor, condenser, an evaporator and a thermal expansion valve. Chillers are a valuable tool for many jobs, including cooling a building along with numerous industrial applications.Do you want to learn more? check out the post right here

The process a chiller executes to cool a liquid begins with the device’s compressor. The chiller’s compressor pumps refrigerant inside, which starts the cooling cycle as a hot compressed gas. This refrigerant is pumped to the condenser, which begins to condense the gas into liquid as it becomes cooled by a fan. During this step in the process, much of the heat is blown out of the chiller. Once the gas has gone through the condenser and has become a cooled liquid, it moves on to the thermal expansion valve. From here the amount of refrigerant that enters the evaporator can be controlled. When refrigerant makes its way into the evaporator, it absorbs heat and then boils off, which causes it to turn into a vapor. Then water is sent through the evaporator that is heated by the refrigerant. From here, the refrigerant enters the compressor again, is turned into that initial hot compressed gas mentioned earlier and is sucked into the condenser. This leads back to the beginning of the cycle.

Chillers are present in air conditioning systems. Their role is that of a chilled water system during the process of cooling the air. This process is cyclical. A chiller used for an air conditioning system can be anywhere from 15 to 1,500 tons and cools water to a temperature of 35 to 45 degrees Fahrenheit.

Chillers have many industrial applications as well. They can be used to cool heat waste put off by a manufacturing process that is then used to cool the air. Chillers are needed to cool heat waste produced by high-intensity lasers. They can also be used to cool work pieces being cut by machine tools or to properly control the temperature of MRI equipment.

Since chillers have such a wide range of applications, when choosing one for your industrial application there are several things to take into consideration. These include what type of material was used during construction, what components were used, its energy efficiency, ease of use, how easy it will be to perform maintenance work on the device and the details of its warranty.