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Vehicle Wraps: Five Things You’ve Always Wanted to Know

Vehicle wraps are the enormous graphics that decorate the cars , buses and even subways you’ve seen around them. They ‘re usually used everywhere for ads, but not many people know exactly what they are. Here are a few things you probably wondered about the wraps of the vehicles.Speedy Pros

  1. What exactly is a cover in a vehicle?

A vehicle cover is a big (or huge) sheet of vinyl with a graphic printed on it. It can be attached to most vehicles as a decal, especially those with large, flat surfaces, typically for publicity purposes.

  1. Without messing it up I can’t even put a six inch decal on my car. How is it that can work?

That’s actually one of the main advantages of vehicle wraps: it’s really easy to handle. Today they are made from special vinyl types with features such as air channels to prevent bubbles. They can even come with microscopic glass beads blocking the adhesive and preventing it from holding until the decal is in perfect position, where it can be squeezed down. It ensures that the vinyl can be added and taken out as many times as possible without damaging the adhesive during the process.

  1. What is perfect for vehicle wraps besides publicity?

The vehicle wraps serving the most common purpose is certainly ads. They are however also useful for other applications. They ‘re a great way to customize a vehicle in a manner less permanent than paint. In the UK , for example, trains are frequently transferred from one company to another. There, vinyl wraps are used as an quickly modified method of adding the livery of each company. Also-cool day fact-race cars are using vehicle wraps, because they are lighter than paint.

  1. Will anyone really pay attention to them?

While advertising that is big can be hard to avoid, it’s so pervasive that many people can just tune it out. Studies have actually shown that vehicle advertising is more effective than typical outdoor advertising methods, such as billboards. They are mostly effective in attracting the interest of their target audience, who, when asked later, will also recall the particular commercial. The use of ads on vehicle wraps has occasionally led to a documented dramatic increase in sales.

  1. Is that my friend, that wrapped car I see driving?

Yeah! Some companies have paid for ordinary drivers to put wraps on their cars that advertise the company and just drive around. In fact, one charity will give you a car for free if you agree to drive it a certain distance every month. Not bad, if you don’t mind driving a lime green car with the name and logo of the charity plastered all around it.